What To Do After You Move To Another Country From Los Angeles

View From A Plane When You Move To Another Country

It’s exciting to move to another country from Los Angeles. The Air1 Moving & Storage team has been performing international moves for more than 20 years, so we’ve learned a thing or two about how to pull this transition off comfortably and effectively.

Here’s what you need to know when you’re taking the leap into this new international adventure.

Make The New Place Feel Like Home

Putting up a couple of photos of family or friends will go a long way to making a new place really personal to you. The same applies to your art collection if you’re moving with art.

You don’t have to miss familiar festivals completely, either. If you’re moving around a holiday that you celebrate, be sure to at least pack something small like decorations or a special item that reminds you of home.

It certainly won’t feel like home if you have a house full of half-unpacked boxes for days or weeks while you do other things. With our convenient unpacking service, those moving boxes will be out of your hair in no time so you can start settling in and focusing on adjusting to the other aspects of your life.

Take Advantage Of Our Unpacking Service

The last thing you’ll want to do after moving to another country is spend time unpacking. It’s probably the least exciting thing you can do and it’s hard, boring work.

Get out and explore, or alternatively, get some well-deserved rest. We’re expert unpackers, and we know how to do it with no losses or breakages.

Mitigate Culture Shock

Reading a book on cultural differences is one of the best things you can do when you move to another country from Los Angeles. You are likely quite accustomed to the nuances of your own culture, so it’s helpful to know the reasoning behind why people in another culture with different social rules behave and relate the way they do.

Get To Know The Locals

You’re sure to settle in faster when you make friends with other people as soon as you can after moving abroad.

In most major cities, there are social events where you can meet locals as well as other foreigners and exchange stories and tips.

But what if you don’t speak the language?

Learn The Language

Where are you moving internationally? If you don’t already speak the language, a little goes a long way. Learning a language can be a difficult process, but there are a lot of amazing resources available today to help you make steady progress on your path to fluency.

Just learning simple greetings, local expressions and basic requests will help you to ingratiate yourself with the locals and avoid the frustration of being unable to communicate. You can springboard from there into more in-depth conversations over time.

Language classes are a fantastic way to meet people when you move abroad, too.

Change Your Routine To Suit The New Country

Not everywhere has the typical LA opening hours you’d expect. In parts of the Mediterranean for example, stores close for a long lunch and open later in the evening. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to get anything done at 3 PM in such cultures because it’ll be near impossible.

It’s also quite likely when you move abroad that you’ll have to manage your home in a different way than in Los Angeles.

Consider trash and recycling. Different items can be recycled in different countries, and you could even get a fine for not separating trash and recycling correctly, like in Germany.

Register With A Doctor And A Dentist

Don’t wait until you have a medical concern to do this. It’s best to plan ahead so you can get an appointment as soon as you need one.

You can also check out where the nearest hospital is for emergencies and how to access its services. Do you need insurance? Do you need an ID from the country where you’ll be living? Now’s the time to organize these considerations.

If there is a language barrier in your new country, you can research English speaking doctors and dentists if necessary.

Connect Your New Utilities


Though logistics like these are probably the last thing on your mind, don’t risk getting cut off because you didn’t research how to pay the bills. See if you need to set them up before you move abroad or whether you need to do it upon arrival.

Switch Your Driver’s License

Depending on the laws in your new country, you may be able to drive on an international driver’s license for a limited time. Otherwise, you might have to apply for a whole new driver’s license or take a test. Research what you’ll need to do in advance so that you can hit the ground running.

Bear in mind that people who move to another country from Los Angeles are often shocked at the differences in car culture. In the center of London or Tokyo for example, you’re better off using public transport or finding walkable stores for your groceries and other regular shopping needs.

Learn Your New Address And Phone Number By Heart

This is a great trick for those who are moving internationally.

Sure, you’ll learn these things eventually, but not after having to search for the information a million times. Every time you order something online, sign up for anything or make a new friend, you don’t want to have to constantly reference this information.

It’s much better to commit these basic things to memory early on so you can avoid the frustration of constantly feeling like a tourist. Keep it on a slip of paper, copy it out several times, and test yourself.

Relax: Your Belongings Are Safe In Storage

When you choose Air1 Moving & Storage to keep your possessions safe, you can focus on the fun stuff with no stress.

How long are you moving to another country for? If it’s just a year or so, it may make sense to leave what you don’t need here in LA.

We’ll take great care of your sports equipment, musical instruments, vehicles, and everything else. Our storage facilities are secure, pest-free, and climate-controlled, so you get everything back just as you left it.

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