Your Moving Checklist For The Week Before Moving Day

Moving Checklist One Week Before

What should I do the week before I move? There are a ton of essential things to do when you organize a move and a lot of easy tricks that can make moving day so much better. Here’s our advice, plus our one-week-before moving checklist to make everything go smoothly.

How Far In Advance Should I Plan A Move?

Ideally, you should plan a move a couple of months in advance. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to do things like seeing all your friends before you go and dealing with school administration.  Do you need to organize a move internationally? If so, you may need some time to apply for a visa.

What Should I Do The Week Before I Move?

Use this as your moving checklist so you don’t miss anything.

#1. Eat Yourself Out Of House And Home

Heck yeah.

This might be our favorite part. But seriously, as you’re doing this, you should toss anything that’s expired or that’s open and you won’t finish up before moving day.

Pay special attention to any pest infestations that like to lurk in undisturbed containers at the back of the shelf. You’ll start off on the right foot in your new home by not accidentally bringing any pests along.

In addition to eating, there’s another enjoyable week-before task when you organize a move.

#2. Give Your Pets Lots Of Love

Shower your best pal with even more love and patience than usual and they will thank you for it.

It can be alarming for dogs and cats to see boxes everywhere because they might worry you’re leaving without them. If possible, leave some boxes out in advance so that they get used to the sight of them. Familiar boxes also make good hiding places too if it all gets too overwhelming.

Packing up in front of pets can stress them out, so make sure to consider this ahead of time.

#3. Organize A Packing And Unpacking Service

Our customers who add this to their moving checklist arrive in their new homes fresh. You’ll also have time on your hands to explore the area and meet the neighbors. It’s ideal for anyone with kids, pets, or anyone else that needs attention!

#4. Alternatively… Make Sure You Have All The Moving Supplies You Need

There’s nothing worse than being left high and dry when you’re in the packing zone. Running out of boxes, tape, or bubble wrap can add hours to your day when you already have a lot to do.

At Air1 Moving & Storage we help you plan a move with the best moving supplies on the market, and we’ll help you plan how much you need to buy, too.

#5. Choose Moving Insurance

Feeling stressed? Don’t be. With moving insurance, you’re covered in the event of an accident. If you have high-value items, insurance is a particularly good idea.

#6. Donate What You Don’t Want

Will you really ever wear those pants again?

When you plan a move, a week in advance is a good time to get rid of anything weighing you down.

#7. Start Packing Belongings You Won’t Need In A Hurry

Out of season clothes? Check.

Bulky baking tools and equipment? Check.

When smart movers organize a move, they pack what they won’t need a week before moving day.

#8. Make Sure Everything’s Saved In The Cloud

When you get tired of packing out-of-season clothes, have a rest and back up your electronic devices and their data. You should always treat your gadgets with extreme care, but accidents are always a possibility.

It’s best to have a copy of everything practical and of emotional value in the cloud for this reason.

#9. Frosty Freezer? Don’t Pack It Like That!

The last thing you want is a slushy mess on the floor of the moving truck getting your belongings wet. So, if you’re taking your fridge/freezer with you, defrost it the week before you move.

That way, it will travel while it’s clean and dry, and everything else will stay that way too.

#10. Driving? Make Sure Your Car’s Living Its Best Life

There’s nothing worse than a breakdown or a car that won’t start on moving day. Now’s a great time to get anything weird checked out, or anything that’s worn replaced.

Good vehicle maintenance is particularly prudent if you’re moving in winter. That’s because you’re more likely to have problems with your car. Why? It’s harder for the car’s battery to maintain a charge, and engine oil gets thicker. That thick engine oil means your car finds it harder to start.

#11. Check The Weather Forecast For Moving Day

Moving long distance? If so, the climate could be hugely different from Los Angeles.

Will it be icy where you’re going? Or are they in the middle of a heat wave right now? Knowing the weather forecast will help you pack appropriate clothing, snacks, and drinks for the first night.

#12. Write A Short Moving Checklist For Your Overnight Bags

You’ll need some things for the first day or two in the new place. Your list should include bedding, towels, day clothes, and pajamas plus chargers. Don’t forget shower gel, toothbrushes, and anything else you use frequently.

Will there be an internet connection on the day you arrive? If not, you might plan some good old-fashioned entertainment like books to keep you going till you’re connected again.

Last Minute Move: How Do You Plan A Move In A Week?

There’s a lot to do, including canceling utilities and redirecting your mail. Depending on where you’re going, you may also need to organize new utilities in your new home.

Make sure you’ve covered all your bases with our comprehensive moving checklist here.

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