Organizing Boxes For Moving Or Storage Like The Pros

Organize boxes

What’s the best way to organize boxes for a move? How do you pack boxes for storage? Air1 Moving & Storage has been in the business for two decades in Los Angeles.

Here’s our advice on how to pack for a move, and how best to prepare your belongings to go in a storage facility.

Organizing Boxes: General Advice

Keep An Inventory

Trust us. You won’t remember what’s in that large cardboard box otherwise. It’s better to take photos or make a brief note of what’s inside than go crazy opening several boxes to find the item you really need.

Want to know how to categorize moving boxes the easy way? Just number the boxes and list what’s in them according to the number.


Try to keep fragile items together when you organize boxes so you can label the whole box as “Fragile” in big letters. Electronics should be considered fragile, too.

Be Discreet With Valuables

If you’re moving with valuable items you’ll need to know how to categorize moving boxes so they don’t attract thieves. Don’t write “electronics” or “jewelry.” Instead, label boxes using terms that you and your family understand, but the bad guys won’t.

Heavy At The Bottom Of The Box, Lightweight At The Top

Ideally, you should organize boxes so that there are heavy boxes and lightweight boxes. For those in between, put heavy items at the bottom and light items at the top.

This will stop the boxes collapsing, as well as preventing your delicate belongings from being crushed.

Take Large Items Apart If You Can

Furniture can reduce to a surprisingly small space if you take it apart. Things like this.

  • Bookcases.

  • Headboards.

  • Legs on furniture.

  • Tables and desks.

Of course, you should weigh up if the reconstruction is worth it. But if it’s a question of a little simple unscrewing, go for it.

Can’t Take Furniture Apart? Can You Use The Insides?

If it’s safe to do so, store furniture such as cabinets with non-breakable, lightweight items inside to save space elsewhere.

Organizing Boxes For Moving

Researching how to organize a move across town in the smoothest way possible? Here are a couple of good ideas when you organize boxes for a move.

Label Boxes According To The Destination Room

The basics of how to categorize moving boxes are labeling what’s in it, and where it’s going.

Are you moving to a home with a different set of rooms? Then it’s well worth planning out where you want everything before the movers come.

Get Perishables Moved Out Last And Moved In First

Can’t use up all your chilled food and drink before a local move? Sometimes it’s impossible, especially if there are a lot of you moving. Or, if those chilled items include medication.

It just means you should organize boxes inside the refrigerator too. Keep any chilled items you really need in a cooler and take the cooler in the car on moving day. No, you can’t leave them in the refrigerator, unfortunately. This is in case of spills or breakages during the trip.

How To Pack Clothes For A Move

One great, lazy way to pack is simply to leave your clothes inside the dresser and secure it so it stays closed.

Using a wardrobe box is another timesaver when packing and unpacking. How? Just leave clothes on their hangers and put them in the wardrobe box.

How To Pack Jewelry For A Move

No-one wants to spend their first week in a new home untangling necklaces and bracelets. So a jewelry roll is a great help in keeping everything separate. And if you don’t have one, you can roll it up in clothes or other fabric.

Need to know how to pack for a move with fragile jewelry? You should be sure to wrap it up separately so it’s safe from knocks.

What Not To Pack When Moving

There’s a surprising amount of things that a moving company won’t move, legally. This includes anything that could explode and pressurized items.

If you’re moving long distance or moving internationally you should check the regulations where you’re going, too. Firearms may be totally prohibited, for example.

Find out more about what moving companies won’t move in our blog post.

Organizing Boxes For Storage

How do you pack boxes for storage? Well, it’s similar to moving, but with these key points.

Plan Walkways

Depending on how big a storage unit you need, you should organize boxes so that you can get between them. That way, you can locate anything you need at a later date more easily.

Store Stuff You’ll Need First At The Top, Near The Front

Even if you think you’ll want all your belongings back at the same time, this is good to do just in case. Those old books and heirlooms are best at the back, because you’re unlikely to need them in a hurry.

What Not To Pack In Storage

First off, don’t worry about items that are sensitive to heat changes and humidity like musical instruments, or art. Air1 Moving & Storage’s facilities are climate controlled and temperature controlled.

However, there are a couple of things that you shouldn’t leave in a storage unit.

  • Cash

  • Firearms

  • Food

  • Chemicals

As long as your storage checklist doesn’t include those items, we’re good to go.

The Easiest Way? Leave It To Us!

We’re happy to take care of the organizing, packing and heavy lifting for you. Air1 Moving & Storage has a comprehensive packing and unpacking service which is especially popular with busy customers.

If you’d like to carry out your own move, just check out our range of packing supplies.

Air1 Moving & Storage Will Organize Boxes So You Can Move Or Store Your Belongings Seamlessly

Our friendly team makes moving a piece of cake. We’ll show you how to organize a move across town, long distance or internationally.

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