Protect Your Precious Art Installations While Moving with Air1 Moving and Storage in Chatsworth, California

Installations While Moving

Moving out of Chatsworth, California, with precious art installments? Thinking about how to keep it hustle-free? Well, let’s find out. Moving art installations is undoubtedly a tough job to do since they are pretty delicate and can have damage while moving. That’s why you may need professional Art Installation Movers in Chatsworth, California.

How to Take Care of Your Art Supplies While Moving?

Special Boxes

Your beautiful art installations need to be handled with care while moving. It becomes easy if you disassemble the parts. Hence rigid boxes are important to move them safely. Please don’t rely on old used boxes since they may betray you.

Thick Towels and Rags

Towels and rags can be very useful to support the disassembled parts inside the boxes. Put them on the walls and the bottom parts to add a protective layer; thus, your art piece won’t have any damage. Our company Air1 moving and storage, provides a wide range of packing supplies.

Cover Your Canvas Paintings

Cover your canvas paintings with a soft towel or use bubble wrap to cover them, then pack them with packing paper and tape.

Protect your glass art installations

Glass art installations are very hard to handle. They often tend to break easily even after taking all the protection measures. However, the process gets easy if you hire Art Installation movers in Chatsworth, California.

Moving your art installation internationally

If you are moving to another country, moving your expensive and delicate art installations can be a real headache since more distance means more chances of breakage, especially if they are big.

Moving locally is still an easier task, but when it comes to moving internationally, and that too with expensive art installations, you will surely need international movers from a good Moving Company near Chatsworth, California.

Call Air1 Moving and Storage to Pack Art Installations

Air1 Moving and Storage is among the best Moving Company near Chatsworth, California. We have 25 years of experience in moving delicate art installations. Moving is a stressful task, especially when you have delicate and expensive art installations, but we are here to make it easy, quick, and affordable. Call Air1 Moving and Storage, and we will pack and move your belongings.