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With your possessions on the line, it’s important to make sure you’re protected in the event of an accident. Moving insurance keeps you covered while your belongings are in transit for your local, long-distance and international moves. It pays to be protected and so, for your convenience, Air 1 Moving & Storage offers two reasonable moving insurance plans.

In terms of comprehensive coverage, the Full Replacement Value – High Value Inventory plan is among best moving company insurance options. Unlike other plans, it does not reduce your settlement based on depreciation or co-insurance penalties. You can also select Lump Sum Replacement plans. Coverage is based on the total declared value or, in other words, the ‘lump sum’ of your shipment. This plan is limited to long-distance and international moves.

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Imagine you purchased an HD television in 2014, in California, for $1,200. The current replacement value for a television of a similar television in New York is $1,500. You should list your television’s value as $1,500. This is important because, if your television is broken or damaged during the move, you will be limited to a maximum settlement of what you declared.

For Example:

Let’s say you purchased a painting in 2002, in California, for $400. If this item became lost or destroyed, the cost of replacement would be approximately $700. This makes the current replacement value of the painting at $700 for proper coverage. You would list the painting on the High Value inventory form.

In the example above, assume you also are in possession of other paintings but, individually, none of them are valued at over $500. These paintings do not need to be listed. However, their value should still be applied to the total Declared Value.

Sound confusing? As well as top-notch and affordable insurance, Air 1 Moving & Storage offers advice on the correct insurance plan for you! We cannot wait to meet you and get to work!

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