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For over 20 years, Air 1 Moving & Storage has provided quality relocation, moving and storage services in California. We packages span residential, interstate, long-distance and international moving services, as well as corporate relocation. Experience the commitment that made us among the most trusted California movers!

Our affordable insurance options keep you covered in the event of an accident, and our custom storage solutions are equipped with surveillance and user-friendly security locks. We’re seasoned in transporting pianos and art, and know our way around the block with discreet VIP and celebrity moves.



The safety of your family and your belongings is our top priority! At Air 1 Moving and Storage, we rigorously screen potential employees and ensure that they are professionally trained to move, pack, and drive. Furthermore, we consistently test our truck drivers to guarantee clients that their possessions will always arrive to their destination safely and on time. We also offer unique and customer service oriented additions to your moving plan, from free box delivery, wardrobe box use, as well as same day pick-up and delivery for local and residential movers.