How To Pack Fragile Items And Keep Them Intact

Pack Fragile Items For Moving

Wondering how to pack fragile items? Here’s our advice from 25 years of moving delicate and breakable items so they arrive in one piece.

When we pack fragile items for a move, we should also consider protecting them from the elements. Many fragile items, including musical instruments and art, may be sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Any good moving company will take this into consideration along the way.

What To Use To Pack Fragile Items

Here’s a list of what you’ll need so that your fragile items survive the big move.

Sturdy Boxes

If they’re cardboard, make sure they’re tough. If they’ve been used before and have seen better days, you won’t be able to rely on them for moving your fragile items.

Wooden or plastic boxes are a great choice because they withstand knocks and moisture much better than cardboard.

Boxes With Special Compartments For Small Delicate Items

Packing fragile glass items

Some storage containers and boxes come with cardboard or foam separators. These are designed specifically for the transport of glass or other fragile materials. These separators keep your items from rattling around and smashing during their journey.

Scrunched Up Paper, Rags, Towels Or Packing Peanuts

Paper, fabric and specialized packing materials are great to use as filler where you need it. Consider the movement of a truck when it turns. Delicate items can break if they’re moved to one side as the truck moves.

Strong Packing Tape

Investing in some powerful packing tape is well worth it. Remember to reinforce the bottom of those boxes before you start. That way they have an additional layer of protection and won’t break from the bottom when they are lifted.

Ask Air1 Moving & Storage about our quality range of packing supplies.

Which Materials To Use For Packing Depending On Your Fragile Item


Are you packing drinking glasses? Pack each one carefully around the outside with packing paper.

Also, be sure to stuff the inside of the glasses with your preferred type of filler as indicated above. This is to help absorb the vibrations from any unexpected knocks.

Plates And Ceramics

Bubble wrap is a great choice for pottery and porcelain. When you pack plates for moving, wrap them in several layers of packing bubbles before placing them in boxes and adding filler to secure them in place.

Musical Instruments

It depends on the instrument, but generally speaking, take apart what you can and wrap each piece in bubble wrap or packing paper. Then, place them in padded, waterproof boxes.

Check out our dedicated blog post on packing musical instruments.


If you’ve never dismantled a complicated electronic item before, start by taking a photo of how it all fits together. This will help you put it back together again.

Wrap each component in bubble wrap and place them in a box together. Keep cords together with the electrical items in the same boxes.


It depends on the art, but for canvases, first cover them in packing paper and secure them with tape. Make sure the tape doesn’t touch the art itself! Then you can wrap them in bubble wrap and place them in strong boxes.

Delicate Pieces Of Furniture

That gorgeous glass dining table needs to be treated carefully when you move. Honestly, when you pack glass for moving, the stakes are high and this type of furniture is not just fragile but unwieldy. For this reason, we recommend leaving it to the pros.

If you’d really like to do it yourself, dismantle the different parts to wrap them separately if you can. Then, wrap everything in bubble wrap. Finally, wrap the whole thing in two sets of moving blankets. It’s best to put it in the moving truck in an additional padded box, too.

What Is The Best Way To Pack Fragile Items?

Mark each box “Fragile” so that everyone knows to take extra care with those containers. “This Way Up” is also essential when packing the moving truck, especially when you pack glass for moving.

How To Pack Fragile Items With Bubble Wrap

Let’s say you need to pack plates for moving. First off, the bubbles face toward the plates for maximum protection. The bubbles themselves are protected by the layer they’re attached to. Most fragile items also benefit from two layers of bubble wrap.

Finally, bubble wrap needs help where corners are concerned. Use foam triangles to protect the corners and edges of belongings like TV screens or art.

Moving Internationally With Fragile Belongings?

We’re happy to move you wherever you want with your fragile items.

However, bear in mind that the longer the journey, the more chances there are for breakages.

Before moving internationally with something heavy and fragile such as a glass table, consider whether it would be simpler to leave it in storage. If you’re only away for a year, storage could be the better option.

How To Pack Fragile Items For Storage

The process is much the same as for a move, but you’ll be leaving them for longer. It’s vital that you choose climate controlled facilities like at Air1 Moving & Storage. That way, your climate-sensitive items like musical instruments and electronics will survive the time left alone.

Be Specific

When you’re packing for storage, you may like to be more detailed with the descriptions you write on the outside of the boxes. What’s fresh in your mind now won’t be six months or a year down the road.

Rather than writing “kitchen plates” as you might for a local move, you may like to write “15 large dinner plates, 5 bread plates”.

Get Air1 Moving & Storage To Pack And Unpack Fragile Items For You

When you read about how to pack fragile items for a move, does it seem like a lot of hard work? That’s because it is! But it’s work that can’t be avoided if you want your items to arrive in one piece.

You have enough to do already, so the easiest course of action is to leave the packing to Air1 Moving & Storage. We’ll even unpack it at the other end.

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Call Air1 Moving & Storage To Pack Fragile Items For You

Moving day can be stressful, especially when you have to heavily consider protecting your fragile items. That is unless you choose a great moving team who has ample experience getting even the most delicate items from point A to point B in one piece. Just call Air1 Moving & Storage to pack your belongings, whatever they are.

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