Essential Packing Supplies For Moving

Packing Supplies For Moving

Need packing supplies for moving? It’s not always obvious to our customers what they’ll need to prepare for the big day. Air1 Moving & Storage is a highly-rated moving supply company in Los Angeles, and in this post we’ll tell you what should be on your packing supplies list depending on what items you’re moving.

What Is The Best Way To Pack For Moving?

Good Planning

Order your supplies in advance so that you have plenty of materials to work with.

Excellent Quality Materials

Air1 Moving & Storage can supply you with the best packing supplies on the market. It’s vital to get the best so that the boxes remain in good condition and properly protect your belongings throughout the journey.

Clear Organization

Pro movers use either a paper or online inventory. Combined with well-labeled boxes, you’re on your way to a stress-free move.

What Materials Do I Need To Pack For Moving?

Everyone’s packing supplies list is personal, but for almost any move, you’ll need:

#1. Moving boxes in different sizes.

#2. Bubble wrap for breakables.

#3. Packing peanuts to line boxes with fragile items in.

#4. Strong tape to seal the boxes.

#5. Markers to label the boxes with their contents.

The quality of your packing materials is key. Air1 Moving & Storage only recommends and sells the best moving supplies because collapsing boxes and peeling tape can lead to a real disaster on moving day.

Do I Really Need Both Bubble Wrap And Packing Peanuts?

Yes, it’s a really good idea because well-chosen packing supplies work best as a team.

Say you have a glass photo frame. First, you wrap it securely with bubble wrap, adding more around the corners, and tape it in place. Then, you put it in a box that’s already lined with packing peanuts. Fill the box up with more packing peanuts so the contents can’t shift around and you’re good to go.

Bubble wrap alone can’t protect your fragile items from a hard knock, but bubble wrap suspended in a firm bed of packing peanuts can.

Packing Supplies For Moving Pianos

Yikes. Under no circumstances should you attempt to move a piano yourself. It’s easy to throw your back out, and you need special equipment to do it properly without damaging it. We’ll make sure your piano arrives in perfect condition. How?

First, we wrap the piano with packing paper and secure the moving parts. We use a heavy-load bearing furniture dolly that has padded straps so that it doesn’t scratch your piano.

Learn more about our California piano moves on our website.

Materials For Moving A Wardrobe

Another heavy item that should be left to us. A wardrobe can tip and cause injury, especially when going up or down stairs.

We have sturdy wardrobe boxes to protect your wardrobe from any scratches and knocks to and from the moving truck.

How Do You Pack A Mattress?

Moving can create a lot of dust, so you’ll want to cover your mattress, especially if you have allergies.

We protect mattresses with professional quality covers so that they stay clean and free from dust and stains.

Supplies For Moving Art And Art Installations

For paintings, you’ll need good quality packing paper and bubble wrap for padding. Put the wrapped paintings in tough boxes and fill them with packing peanuts.

It’s essential that no humidity can get in and that those corners are doubly protected. Read more about how we can move your art on our website.

Are Bags Or Boxes Better For Moving?

Boxes are the best bet for a number of reasons.

We Can Stack Boxes In The Truck

Imagine the chaos of packing a lot of soft bags, some of which contain breakables. Bags move around whereas we can pack boxes in tight and they support each other.

Fragile Items Stay Put In Boxes

Bubble wrap and packing peanuts can only serve their purpose correctly in boxes. Bubble wrapping the item is the first line of defense, and the packing peanuts keep the item from being knocked around while inside. In a bag, everything can slide around.

Using Trash Bags Makes Your Belongings Look Like Trash

In the activity of a move, there’s no way you want a bag of bedding or clothing accidentally tossed in the trash. It can happen!

Organizing Those Boxes

Pick a nice, thick waterproof marker to use as you pack and seal the boxes.

Well-organized boxes make packing the moving truck easier because we can see what’s fragile and what’s going where in your new place.

  • Mark the contents with a few words describing the contents

  • Label the room the box is going to

  • Label on all sides

Unpacking will be quick and easy when all the boxes make it to the correct room. Learn more about how to organize your moving boxes in our blog post here.

What Not To Put In Boxes When Moving

There are some things you need to avoid packing at all.

  • Explosives

  • Corrosives

  • Flammable liquids

It’s illegal to transport these in the moving truck, and for good reason. Toxic spillages will get through the boxes and ruin your other belongings, and we don’t even want to think about explosions.

Less alarmingly, it’s also important not to pack plants with bugs that will then settle into your new home with you. If you’re moving internationally, be sure to check the rules and regulations around moving with plants.

How Should Beginners Pack For Moving?

Beginners should really consider hiring a great packing and unpacking service so that they don’t have to practice on their own belongings. We’ve been Los Angeles’ top movers for more than twenty years, so you can relax and leave the packing to the pros.

All of us own breakables, and the art of securing bubble wrap and securing with packing peanuts is a fine one. Do it incorrectly and you can open yourself up to expensive replacement purchases.

Ask Air1 Moving & Storage About The Best Packing Supplies For Moving

We’re proud to offer the best moving supplies in Los Angeles, and we’re fully licensed so you can be confident you’re getting a top-notch service with no surprises.

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