5 Essentials for Moving Day

Moving day doesn’t always go as smoothly as you plan. Things get hectic and stressful, especially while relocating. Stuff can break, you might be running behind or you might find an entire area you forgot to pack. There are, however, supplies to have handy for those unexpected moments during a move.

Toothpaste or Wall Putty and Paint for Touch-Ups

You are moving out and you notice some holes in the wall. Uh oh. You need to get those patched ASAP but you forgot! This is where you can dab toothpaste or putty in the hole and smooth it out. Simply, dab a little paint over it after and you are good to go!

Skateboard or Wagon

Got a lot of heavy things? A wagon can actually be really useful in transporting those heaving items during a move. If you don’t have one, we suggest borrowing.


This is a must. Having a Sharpie or a bold marker comes in handy for those last minute labeling of boxes or other items you need to write down.

Heavy Duty Packing Tape

Lots of packing tape. It is pretty obvious why this will come in handy.

Shoe Polish

This is an interesting trick if you did not know! If you have white baseboards and trim with scuffs and marks, putting a bit of white shoe polish on them can help diminish them.

Looking for Professional Movers in North Hollywood CA?

All in all, a move is a huge process that takes careful planning and lots of hard work. We hope this list of essential items will help ease the stress of your move and keep you well-equipped during the moving process! If you need help or assistance with moving or packing, Air 1 Moving is always here to help. Call us today!