6 Common Packing Mistakes

Planning a big move? Check out these tips on how to keep things in order and safe.

Don’t forget the necessities.

In the event of a big move, it is common to have a lot of boxes that won’t get open for weeks. It is critical to keep the essentials nearby or in a box that has everything you need. Things like toothbrushes or medicines, toilet paper and more. Make sure you separate these things out beforehand so you are not diffing through boxes looking for one thing.

Plan Ahead

Being a proactive packer means that you carefully consider the area you are moving to. Will you have room for all those extra clothes, or do you need winter clothes in the same box as summer clothes? All of these things factor into making the unpacking process a lot easier. Labeling each box and having things sorted beforehand will allow you to place each box in its proper location in the new home.

Don’t overpack boxes.

Trying to jam too many items into one box causes problems. Not only is it very hard to carry, but you also run the risk of the box giving out and everything falling out. A ton of heavy boxes will leave you exhausted and it will be a chore when carrying upstairs. Consider using smaller boxes that are more manageable.

Be careful with breakable items.

Fragile items are very difficult to pack and transport. Bubble wrap or recyclable paper is necessary for wrapping items so they do not get damaged. Do not ever let glass touch glass.

Don’t pack what you don’t need

Don’t take junk you don’t need. One of the great things about moving is the ability to start fresh and remove unwanted clutter. Don’t bring the clutter with you to your new space.

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