Dan’s Blog

It is official, ladies and gentlemen. I am officially the worst packer of all time. Proceed to read with caution.

I hadn’t even moved yet before I started already messing everything up. Like a complete moron, I packed my TV screen on the side of one of my boxes. I put a blanket around it, thinking that would be enough, and I left the room for 5 minutes to go do something and by the time I came back, the weight of the screen caused my box to tip over and all my stuff fell on top of the screen, shattering it completely.
Gravity: 1, Dan: 0.

Of course, it was blazing heat down in California when I got to the airport in my usual dress of tank-top and basketball shorts. For some strange, silly reason, I hadn’t considered that it would be cold when I arrived in Pennsylvania? The weather was actually so bad that I had to buy a cab from the airport to my new apartment (I would have walked it otherwise, my apartment is actually pretty close to the airport). As a Miami native, we are not very ill-equipped for cold weather and snow. At first, I kept telling myself “You’ll be fine, man up, it’s just in the 40’s.” Nope. Wrong. Didn’t even bring a jacket in my luggage, so now I’m stuck with the same hoodie for another couple of days until my stuff arrives. So far, the only cool thing I’ve learned about Pennsylvania is that they don’t tax clothing, which is pretty sweet. In retrospect, I’m kind of glad I didn’t buy a winter jacket when I was still in Miami! It’s a good thing I brought my laptop and my SUNGLASSES, right guys? *cries*

Pray for me. I’m gonna need it.