Krissy’s Blog

I was so excited to move from New York to California. What a drastic change! The movers at Air 1 who helped me were super friendly, they dropped my stuff off on time and even helped me unpack some of the bigger stuff. Shout out to Air 1 for being such good guys! 🙂 Like a klutz, I TOTALLY threw all of my toiletries into the bottom of a box last minute and ended up forgetting where I packed them, so I had to buy new ones once I arrived at the airport. It was also pretty silly of me not to pack a couple of my winter jackets in my suitcase…I’ll be needing those a lot more now, hehe!

One thing that I was surprised about when I moved here is how high the New York state taxes are. I thought it cost a lot to live in California, but JEEZ! The tax is just about double, from 4% in Cali to 7.5% in New York. I do not own too many winter clothes, so I really regret not grabbing some winter outfits at one of my fav spots back home before moving out here. Oh well…you win this time, New York! It almost makes up for it for how beautiful the weather is out here.

Oh, and the time zones, LOL! If you’re moving across the country and have friends and family back home like I do, you’re gonna need to remind them every day that you’re 3 hours ahead of them. I can’t tell you how many times my mom or a friend has called me at work, thinking I was off already or something. If you’re not used to flying, the jet lag could also really set you back a couple days…my first few days here felt like I was in a waking dream. Crazy, huh? Yeah…plan on it! Look forward to telling you guys more soon. 🙂