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Welcome to Melissa’s Moving Blog! 🙂

For my recent move from Los Angeles to Scottsdale, AZ I learned quite a bit. Once I decided on Scottsdale, I began hunting ads on Craigslist for a new job. Once I had a few interviews lined up, I called Air 1 Moving & Storage and got a quote on what it would roughly cost me to move all my stuff across the country. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a lot of stuff! Even with Air 1’s fair pricing, I had so much to move that it was starting to look pretty scary from a financial perspective. So, I made an executive decision and had a strategic garage sale a couple of weeks before I started packing, so I could get rid of some of some of my heftier belongings and make a few quick bucks in the process. It turned out great! I actually made enough to cover the entire move, and now that I would be traveling light everything was going to be that much easier anyway.

I’m a big fan of art, so I ordered a few picture boxes from Air 1 so I could carefully pack my paintings. I recommend using bubble wrap to wrap your paintings in—others will say that you can use blankets or pillows—but I think it’s worth the little extra to have that extra protection. A few boxes and a lot of tape later, all of my apartment was packed and ready to go. Air 1 came and grabbed it in the morning, my flight left in the afternoon, I arrived and stayed with my boyfriend until the driver for Air 1 was ready to drop off my stuff the following day. Everything went off without a hitch! No broken belongings, paintings look just as good as when I packed them.

I only wish I hadn’t brought so many pairs of Ugg boots! It’s so hot out here, I’ve always been more of a flip-flop kinda gal anyway.

‘til next time,