Omar’s Blog

Hey guys, it’s Omar again with another update…

Ugh. What a long week. Moving out of my parent’s house in San Francisco, California to my dorm at UCLA has been so stressful! It made me realize that I really didn’t plan this move as well as I could have, lol. As soon as I left my house, I immediately realized where I messed up: I left all my underwear and socks (other than what I was already wearing) in a drawer in my dresser, which wasn’t going to be dropped off until a couple of days until after I landed. I remembered to bring my bathing suit, but I didn’t remember to bring underwear? Really, Dan? Oh well, that’s what you get when you spend the weekend leading up to your first big move binge playing Call of Duty and talking to girls on the internet. I never thought I’d say this, but I knew my all my mom’s nagging was good for something! 😛

It could be worse though. All my stuff was dropped off by Air 1 the other day, and everything is intact and nothing is missing. Surprisingly, even my computer tower seems to have suffered absolutely no damage whatsoever in the ~ 200-mile drive that is San Francisco to Los Angeles? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. I packed it well enough, but I’ve heard plenty of horror stories that scared me into believing that just isn’t enough. I guess these Air 1 guys really are as good as they say they are (thanks Air 1!)!

Oh, and another thing before I sign off…make sure your new dorm can fit your queen size mattress before just shipping it off to yourself and hoping for the best!

You will from me again soon, if school and work won’t kill me first….