Your Guide to Planning a DIY Move

Sometimes people think they can’t afford to hire professional movers, or they simply aren’t moving far from their original home and just want to move. In other instances, some people just don’t have a lot of possessions to move, so they opt to move things in their own car. If you are planning a move in just your car, check out this article so you can easily and efficiently pack your car the right way for your upcoming move.

How to Pack Your Own Car During a Move

You should first know your car. By this, we mean know what secret compartments there are if any. Also how big your trunk can accommodate things. You should also have your car clean, very clean. You will want to start by putting the essential things, or things you might need easy access to, in the front (or an easy to reach place). Large boxes and items that aren’t needed right away should be stowed in the trunk. The trunk is a great place to put extra clothes or boxes of items that won’t be needed. You can utilize the back seat as the area for things like dishes, or other breakable things. You don’t necessarily want these things in the trunk because they can slide around of getting accidentally put under another heavy box, compromising the weight they can handle. You can also fill the back seat with other breakable items, such as small furniture items, just be sure that they don’t obstruct your view.

Looking for affordable moving company options?

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