Summer Moving: Top 12 Hacks to Beat the Heat for a Successful Move

A couple preparing to move during summer
Moving in the summer can be one of the least convenient times to move. For local, long distance and international movers alike, moving in the summer can be more complicated than in the depths of winter. There’s the planning and organization typical of moving, plus figuring out a way to deal with the harsh heat of the sun. But there’s a reason why 60% of moves fall between May and August. Kids and students are out of school, and working professionals tend to be on vacation. Moving in the summer may call for extra planning, but it’s generally the most convenient time for everybody. At Air1 Moving and Storage, we’ve been helping LA movers depart from their current dwellings for new gigs for over 20 years. That’s why our team of expert moving professionals has the top 10 hacks to help local, long distance and international movers beat and heat and make their summer move a breezy success.

1. Book Your Movers Well in Advance

A recent survey found 64 percent of respondents said their most recent move was one of the most stressful things they’ve ever experienced. On top of the stress of moving, lifting boxes in the summer’s harsh heat quickly dwindles your energy. As such, we strongly recommend hiring a professional moving company to handle the heavy lifting for you. Carrying boxes, back and forth, in the sun is laborious work. Skip the sweat and hire an expert team to lift your boxes, so you can focus on staying organized and ticking off the items on your checklist, instead.

Because the summer is the most popular moving time of year, the top moving companies in your area will be booked up. Well in advance, research which moving company best suits your needs and get on their schedule as early as you can. For a top-rated moving company in Los Angeles, check out our About Us page to see if we’re the right fit for you. For moving in the summer, be sure to give us a call well in advance of your moving date to ensure we’ve got you covered for your summer move.

2. Start the Moving Day Early

Start the day off early in the morning, when temperatures and humidity levels tend to be at their lowest. An early morning won’t just buy you and your movers time before the heat escalates, but you’ll also avoid the traffic typical of your area’s bustling summer months. Aim to kick off the day by around 8 a.m., at the latest. 

3. Plan Ahead to Avoid Traffic

Winter moves are characterized by weather delays. In the summer, you’re looking at a surge of vacation goers. As well as starting the moving day early in the morning, local movers, long-distance movers, to international movers benefit from avoiding traffic by scheduling your move at a less busy time in the summer months. For, relocating on weekends or popular vacation weeks, such as the tail end of August, will entail heavier traffic on the road. If you absolutely must move at a busier time, avoid the busiest traffic times by starting the moving day early.

4. Lather on the Sunscreen

Don’t underestimate the importance of sunscreen. Protect you and your family’s skin from the harsh sun with a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher. You’ll likely be sweating during your move, so a waterproof sunscreen is also a good idea. 

5. Take Time to Pack Properly

It’s a good idea to allocate ample time to packing — we’re talking a few weeks in advance, at least. Packing takes time, energy and strategy, and it’s a lot easier to do it right when you allow yourself plenty of time to pack carefully and thoughtfully.

Don’t Overpack Boxes.

Don’t overpack your boxes. A jammed box is more difficult to carry, and if the box gives out, then your belongings may be damaged. Make sure you have enough boxes to pack all your belongings. Also consider packing your items into smaller, more manageable boxes. 

Pack Necessities In an Easily-Retrievable Box.

Once you begin the packing process, remember to keep your essentials and everything you need on a daily basis in a nearby and easily-retrievable box — toothbrushes and moisturizer, toilet paper and medications, etc. 

Be Careful with Breakable Items

Fragile items are tricky to pack and transport. Don’t underestimate the power of bubble wrap and recyclable paper: wrap your fragile items with quality materials to protect them from the risk of damage. Glass, for example, should never touch glass.

6. Consider Having the Experts Pack for You

Most movers plan to pack themselves, but packing is a tedious and time-consuming job. At Air1 Moving and Storage, we’ve seen it all: it isn’t unusual for movers to have to juggle moving and a bustling work schedule. And, sometimes, when work obligations and life get in the way, the packing doesn’t get done on time. Or, when they do finish the job, they wind up rushing the packing process. Items, then, are packed in a more disorganized way, it’s difficult to locate items upon arrival, and items are more likely to be damaged — or left behind. 

Consider having the movers, who are seasoned packers and know how to get the job done right, do your packing for you.

7. Need Storage? Consider Climate-Controlled Units

Moving sometimes requires extra storage, either temporarily or for the long-term. Perhaps your new locale is being renovated and you’re working with less space than usual, or you’re downsizing and need a spot for your belongings. Storage units are a convenient way to stow away your items during a move. 

If you need to store your items during your summer move — especially temperature-sensitive items — make sure the units are climate-controlled. Storage units also provide long-term space to stow away extra items you don’t use very often, but want to hold onto for future use or sentimental value. 

Some facilities are climate-controlled for safe summer storage, others are not. For a climate-controlled unit, contact us at (866) 552-2916 for more details on our climate-controlled storage units.

8. Wear Lightweight, Breathable Clothing

Wear lightweight, loose-fitting and breathable fabrics. Steer clear from tight synthetic fabrics and, if possible, wear whites or some other light, neutral colors. Try to avoid dark clothing when moving in the summer; dark clothing attracts more sunlight and will likely heat you up. 

9. Stay Hydrated with Lots of Bottled Water

Don’t forget to stay hydrated with plenty of water on standby. When you and your moving crew are moving boxes up and down stairs, you’ll need plenty of water for hydration. Be sure to buy enough bottled water that you, your family and your moving team will have enough for the entire moving day. 

10. Know What Not to Put in the Moving Truck

It’s summer, and the summer heat is unforgivable! Be thoughtful about the belongings you pack into the moving truck. Certain items simply cannot handle the heat, such as electronics. Well in advance, research which of your items can and cannot be stored in a moving truck during transit. If you suspect some of your belongings may suffer in the heat, leave them until the very end of loading up the track, and unload them first.

For a Breezy Summer Move, Call Air1 Moving and Storage

There’s a reason why the majority of moves in the US are scheduled between Memorial Day and Labor Day. But while the summer months are the peak times for moving, for families, students and working professionals, make sure to make a plan for handling all that sun. 

We recommend starting off your summer move by teaming up with a moving company to ensure your summer move is smooth and stress-free. For information on how Air 1 Moving and Storage can help you with your summer move, call us at (866) 552-2916. Our lines are open 24/7 to ensure you can speak with one of our professionals as soon as possible. You can also fill in our form, or email us at [email protected].