When To Get Storage & What To Check For

How much is a storage unit

Did you know, around 10% of households in the US are currently renting a storage unit? Putting things in storage makes sense for so many reasons. So how much is a storage unit? OK this is a million dollar question so bear with us.

You can go super cheap and risk never seeing your stuff again. You’ll also then run the risk of getting it back broken or covered in mold.

We understand you don’t want to spend a fortune. And you’re in the right place for great storage at an affordable price. With Air1 Moving & Storage you’ll get your belongings back exactly when you want, in perfect condition.


At certain times in life, getting storage just makes sense. Here’s our advice on when to get storage.

To Make Your Home Look Gorgeous For A Sale

Picture an attractive open house. It doesn’t have a lot of stuff in, right? Because buyers find it hard to see past clutter.

What buyers love is seeing clear open spaces with a couple of items that make it look like a home. Your home will look so much bigger and sleeker with some stuff in storage. And the potential buyers can let their imaginations run, picturing themselves in that space.

When You’re Between Homes

Sometimes you can’t get into your new home when you’d planned. You may need to stay in a hotel or with friends. And your friends will be surprised to say the least if you try to bring all your furniture.

Great storage means the experience of being between homes doesn’t have to be stressful.

Moving To A Smaller Place

Storage could save you a ton of money. Because storage costs less than renting or buying a property in Los Angeles. So you do the math.

How much space do you actually want to live in? And how much more money would you have to spend if you stored your skiing equipment or paintings in your home?

Putting things in storage could be smarter.

When The Kids Flew The Nest

But they probably left a lot of stuff. And do all those old books and toys need to be kept at hand? You could get so much space back with storage.

When Your Workplace Is Getting Cramped

Bigger business premises are going to be way more expensive than simply using storage.

Do you really need years of old paperwork at a moment’s notice? How about equipment or tools that you only use at a particular time of year?

For Bulky Investment Purchases

Antiques? Art? A classic car? You could have something that you probably love, and could increase in value in the future. But do you want it there, at home, all the time?

If you don’t look at it or use it often, then maybe it would be safer in a climate controlled, securely locked storage unit.


Here is what you should look for when shopping for storage. Air1 Moving & Storage offers all of this and more.

Temperature Control

A constant moderate temperature seems like a nice extra, right? Wrong. Be sure to choose storage with controlled temperatures all year round. Why?

A lot of your belongings wouldn’t do well in extreme cold or heat. Aerosols or anything liquid can even explode. Yikes.

Those expensive electronics you want to keep safe? Cold or heat can damage the life of the battery and the processors.

Musical instruments really don’t like the cold either. How so? Well, the best case scenario is that they go out of tune. Worst case scenario is that they actually crack. This is especially true for anything made of wood.

Instruments don’t do well in extreme heat either. They can end up warped and the glue can melt.

The glass on your paintings can crack too if they’re left somewhere that’s too cold.

Humidity Control

Air1 Moving & Storage also controls humidity in our units. And this isn’t something most people have considered. But the amount of humidity in the air is very important.

If the storage environment is too dry, paint flakes and furniture gets loose.

And if it’s too humid?

Mold can live on almost anything. Clothes, furniture, wood and paper all make up part of mold’s dream diet. So that probably includes the majority of belongings you’re thinking of putting into storage.

Do they Take Vehicles?

Maybe you only use your RV or boat in the summer. Or you’re going away and want your car locked away somewhere safe. And you need to know it’s being well looked after.

Vehicles will rust and corrode in humid conditions so it’s important to choose a storage facility wisely.

Extra Care For Your Breakables

Too many valuable possessions have been smashed or cracked during kids’ games or lively parties. Our team is trained in transporting your breakables into and out of storage smoothly.

Comprehensive Insurance

Some good news, your belongings may already be insured for storage under your homeowners or renters insurance policy. It’s something definitely worth checking.

Otherwise, ask us about our low cost range of insurance plans.

Starting With An Inventory

You don’t go 20 years in the storage business without knowing how to make your customers’ lives easier.

There’s nothing worse than wondering, months or years down the road, whether an item is in storage or not. Especially if it’s valuable. So before we start anything, everything gets listed for future reference.

Ease Of Access

You should be able to get your belongings back when you want. With Air1 Moving & Storage there are two options. You can either pick it up, or we can deliver it to you. Simple.


This will take about 30 seconds. All you need to do is tell us:

  1. The volume of items you want to store.

  2. How long you need it for.

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