Planning to move a Piano? Here’s what you need to know before hiring professional movers

Piano Movers in Chatsworth, California

Are you living in Chatsworth, California, and going to move out soon? And that too with a piano? Moving a huge item like a grand piano makes the process more hectic.

Small items are easy to move, but when it comes to pianos, it’s a tough job to do by yourself. So it is important to find professional Piano Movers in Chatsworth, California.

Measurements and Planning

  • Set out the moving pathways in your existing and new residences. Make sure there are no obstructions that can cause trouble.
  • Properly measure the piano, doors, and pathway you will move your piano through.
  • Keep your children and pets away from the pathway while moving the piano to avoid hazards.
  • Protect the walls and floors of your pathway; otherwise, they can have potential damage.
  • If you are moving your piano through the staircase, use a ramp.

Protect Your Piano

It’s extremely important to check whether you use the right equipment while moving your piano. Here supplies like moving blankets can come in handy. They will not only protect your piano but will also protect your walls from damage.

List of supplies you will need :

  1. Moving pads/Moving blankets
  2. Stair ramp
  3. A piano dolly (also known as a piano board or skid board)
  4. Packing gloves
  5. Tapes
  6. Piano movers in Chatsworth, California

Moving a Grand Piano or an Upright Piano

These types of pianos are quite heavy. These pianos need very good packing of their disassembled parts. Packing these parts individually can take a lot of time, so that you may need piano movers for the task.

Moving Through a Narrow Space

When moving your piano through a narrow door or a narrow hallway, turn it on its side. This will not damage the piano; rather, it will protect it from being damaged if done carefully.

Moving Your Piano Internationally

If you are moving to another country, then moving your piano internationally won’t be a cakewalk; you will need International movers in Chatsworth, California. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Well, let us help you

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