5 Easy Tips to Help You Get Moved Into Your New Home

So, you’ve just finished a big move and you are staring at tons of unopened boxes in your new space. Feeling a little overwhelmed and don’t have a moving home checklist? Before you start a frenzy of unpacking random boxes and moving things, consider these helpful steps below.

Take Pictures Before You Unpack

Taking photos of the empty room can help, especially if you are a renter and are worried about getting your security deposit back once you move out. Photos are also important for homeowners because some time may have passed between the inspection and when the previous homeowners actually moved out. If the previous owners caused any damages after the inspection, or damages while they moved out, (scratches to walls, etc.) you will want to document it.

Check your Items

If you hired movers to move your items, there is typically a limited amount of time where you have to report any damages to your belongings or suspect anything missing.

Be Aware of Where to Throw Your Trash

After moving in, you will have a lot of trash and empty boxes to dispose of. Be sure you know where to get rid of it – you don’t want to miss trash pickup day then deal with the excess trash for a week.

Get New Locks

An important thing to do for your safety changes the locks. Be sure to switch out the locks if you own the home because the previous homeowner could still have an extra set of keys.

Update Your Address

Any mail or important legal forms you are expecting are going to wind up at your old address, so be sure to update your information to your new address. This includes your voting address as well.

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