How to Keep Fragile & Valued Things Safe During the Moving Process

Planning a move requires a lot of planning, preparation, and patience. If you are in the process of moving or getting ready to move, remember these tips on how to properly pack your valuables.

Make a List of all Your Items, Valuables Especially

Before starting any packing, make sure you have items accounted for. This will help you better decide where and how you should pack things. It also helps you decide how you should pack certain things together.

Keep Stuff in a Safety Deposit Box

If you don’t need access to important documents, like birth certificates and social security cards, then pack them away and put them in a safety deposit box. This will help ensure they are accounted for and don’t get lost during the move.

Trick Labels

It is recommended that your label certain pricey or valuable items as something like “Christmas Ornaments” to trick people into thinking there isn’t anything of importance in the box.

Pack Carefully

Make sure your fragile things are in very sturdy boxes and wrapped with the correct amount of cushion to ensure they do not break. You should also be sure to label the outside of those boxes as “FRAGILE.”

Take What You Need With You

If you know you are going to have to access it soon, make sure you leave those items out. Many people make the mistake of packing the things they need right away in boxes and then they have to open a ton of boxes and dig through to find what they need. It is always easier to just leave out what you know you will need.

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