Is a Home Inspection Worth It?

It is recommended that all homeowners preparing to sell their house get a pre-inspection before putting your house on the market. Here’s why you should get a home inspection before you sell.

Find Out What Is and Is NOT Broke

Sometimes we think things are broken and we end up fixing the wrong problem. For instance, several homeowners have replaced something only to discover later that they fixed the wrong issue. If you have a home inspection, then you’ll find out exactly what works in your house and what doesn’t. This will save you from fixing things that don’t need it or not fixing something that does need repairs.

Planning It Out

If the roof is bad and it needs to be replaced during, say, a pending sale, then you will have to rush to have someone fix it and it might also cost more due to it being last minute. Plan it out to where repairs can be done at a company you trust and can afford beforehand.

Saving Money

Spend the money upfront for a home inspection so you can save money in the end. This works because if you wait until the inspection at the end and find all these hidden repairs that need to be made, then you are going to end up spending even more money.

How Much Should You Sell Your Home For and How Much?

We recommend hiring an agent to assist you with the price of your home after the inspection. The inspection will help you determine basically underlying or existing problems that need to be fixed and once these upgrades or repairs are made, then the home is ready to be put on the market at a competitive price.

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